Tuesday, September 17, 2013

what matters most, lessons from a day off

I learned a few things yesterday on our vacation from gym.

1. We aren’t utilizing the afternoons before gym the way we could. 
I have always tried to shut down all activities to give Boo a rest time before gym. I have even preached the important of it to other gym parents. I am taking that idea back.  What I realized was the beauty of downtime prior to gym was she couldn’t wait to go (yes, she loves gym!) but mostly that 'let’s go attitude' was because she was bored silly waiting.  It maybe harder to leave the park or pool to go to gym, I still believe not rushing and being on time is super important, but I think we are missing out on some fun playing the 'waiting to go to gym game' so often.   

2. How important it is for us to have a sit down to a peaceful hot lunch.
Believe it or not lunch is one of the reasons Boo is homeschooled.  My feelings about the importance of it may qualify as a personal/religious belief.  The short version of why it matters so much to me is: my ingrained, positive experiences as a child going home for a homemade lunch & returning to school, Boo’s negative experience with school lunch (vomited on the table just from the smell of the room, can’t get much more negative than that), and the valuable lunch times Boo and I spent together when I was in college eating lunch and reading books huddle inside the tepee in the Hall of Early Man in the old Museum of Natural History.  Skipping this precious, restful time together always catches up to us later.     

3. Small things matter the most.
Mini pancakes, star shaped pizzas, deep questions asked and answered, free exploration, childhood pleasures, a dip in the pool, feeding the fish, one more chapter, crayons with big white paper,… all those little things are the backbone of us choosing to be here to learn. They are usually easy to do, an extra minute can make all the difference.  A honest truth is I am great at doing them early in the day but I tend to fall apart in the afternoon letting pressure of the next thing we have to get done before gym/work/school/social obligation over take me.  In reality it is important for me to remember doing the little things tends to take the pressure away, not add to it.  

Feel Free
by EBR 9/16/13

Feel free to adventure in life,
Let the wild fill up inside or you,
Let the lion roar,
Let the howling wind feel like a song ,
Let the icy water trickle down the path.

Number 4 would be that we don’t have to take a vacation from gym/work/school to have the type of day we had yesterday.  All we need is the right mind set to feel free in our hearts.    


  1. Misty, I love all of the sentiments in this post, but particularly the 'calm time before gym' and the peaceful lunch at home.

    I think I am also getting it wrong insisting on calm time before gym, but it was only reading this that made me realise it. Emily (my wannabe gymnast) is done with school at 11:20am on gym day, and gym doesn't start until 17:30!! I try to keep it calm, and she spends the whole afternoon trying to do flips on the trampoline.
    Time for a rethink.

    And although my kids do go to school, they come home every day for a 2 hour lunch and I love it. We reconnect, we work through any issues that came up that morning, they switch off, or do flips on the trampoline, but most importantly they aren't too exhausted to tell me about their day and ask about mine.

    I love calm, family lunches at home, and I think tomorrow we might have star shaped pizzas :-)

    1. Fiona, Thank you. I have to tell you while reading your blog one of the things I noticed (even pointed out to my husband) was your fantastic school system including the extended at home lunch period. Love it! Enjoy.