Thursday, September 12, 2013

"I want to learn to danse"

    The other day we visited the grand opening of a new community learning center in our community.  To make the tour fun for kids they were giving a map of the building, at each event table they had to answer a question on a little sticky note, stick it to a large banner, then they got a stamp and in the end they turned the map in for a prize.  
It wasn’t too crowded, we went early, but Boo was so shy!!! I found myself pushing her towards the smiling volunteers at each table then doing most of the talking for her.  Hello overbearing home school mom stereotype inaction!!!
 Now, I understand Boo can be reluctant to write or read in public spaces we are working on that (see: finding words).  To answer the various questions at each station "How can you be healthy?" "How can you help your family?"  "How can you help your community?" she would crumple into a little ball looking like an armadillo to write.  Often she whispered for spelling help.  Painful is the best way to describe it. 
 I wasn't feeling well, I was watching the clock as to not be late to class, and I was there to fulfill an assignment but I tried my best not to rush her. We circled the building at least twice.  Gleaning free candy, stamps, and such. 
And on that second pass we found a table we hadn't visited before and a question she hadn't answered yet.  "What do you want to learn?" For answering that question you got a free book.  I chatted with the volunteers while Boo stared at the little sticky note.  
Boo making her bookmark

"Anything I want to learn?" She asked.  
She painstakingly wrote each letter: D-A-N-... when the next letter went down, all of us watching her I wanted to help but she continued -S-E.  "I want to learn to danse." Went up on the poster.  
She returned to the table to get her book passing by the Clifford saves a cat, Elmo rides again, all those typical little books and pulls up a hardback Anatomy book.  
"Oh," Says one of the volunteers. "You know that is a science book..."  
"I know," Boo answered her.  "This is the book I want."  
"Can she really have any book here?" I asked thinking the book was too expensive to give away.  
"Yes any book she wants..."  
Part of me wanted to stay and to explain her to them.  Tell them what a smart, capable kid she really is but instead we went out to play. 

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  1. It took me a while to realize I didn't have to explain our situation to everyone who raised an eyebrow. I can imagine that in your situation it's even tougher.

    Keep up the good work.