Thursday, September 12, 2013

finding words

One of the main items on our school list of wants is to increase Boo’s reading level.  Please don’t confuse that term ‘level’ as a arbitrary skill level to match her age, we are talking about a kid who wants to improve her ability to read in public spaces outside the comfort of her private reading beside mom.  Reading fluency and confidence. And it’s working! Boo’s is reading spontaneously.  She reads signs, titles, book covers, words passing on the screen.  Because it is a disability we are dealing with I want to be sure that reading work is as fun as possible.  Reading wears her out pretty fast, physically and mentally so I have used a hat full of ideas to get the words going.

Boo's sewing projects

Board-games such as monopoly with task or award card which require reading.
Wordgames like scrabble and hangman.
Poetry Word Grab activities.(see here)
Free writing.
Story writing and editing.
Reading together.
Copy-Cat-Reading, I read a paragraph or page of a book to her and then she reads it to me.  To make it fun we each read it doing funny voices.
Drawing complex pictures then labeling everything in them.
Kindle games.
Independent reading.
Spelling words and games.
Note taking.
I spy with words.
Handwriting practice.
Word Poster.
Reading instructions.
Writing and reading family notes, lists, chore charts, etc.

Yesterday as a reward for all the good work after morning lessons we went to the local church run thrift store for some books, movies, and games. And we picked up the molds we need to do the milk plastics science project!

We collect these wonderful sources of great literature!
We love our science!

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