Tuesday, September 24, 2013

history lessons get the boot!

Yep, that’s right I am taking history right out of our schedule.  It’s not that I feel history isn’t important enough to ‘teach’ it is that it is too important for her to hate.  Don’t worry, this is a very rash decision… sometime I am slow on the uptake, for years Boo has reluctantly taking history lessons with very little enjoyment or retention outside of the little things she finds interesting.  And those things are in museum cabinets, in the desert, on PBS, in rock formations, in horrible history clips, in books like Freedom Train and Little House and the Prairie, references in movies, in music, etc…. The advantage to self educating is deciding what and how to learn.  So yes, it hit me very suddenly today after history which consisted of BBC reviews on William the Conquer and Henry the viii, a few Horrible Histories, and 45 min of a 60 min history video on Druids- why are we doing this when there are so many other things she wants to know but we don’t have time for?!?!?! 
Boo simply doesn’t enjoy history on its own outside of the context of science and literature or major disasters (natural or manmade).  The way she actually learns history is through self directed discover and historical connections to current interests. Knowing this about Boo I work pretty dang hard digging up alternate history material for us (usually science based) to enjoy but it is hard to coordinate it to any sort of reliable lesson plans.  We would get so much more done if we didn't have to do it this way- 
So our history goes underground but that certainly does not mean we won't be learning about history. In fact I get the feeling we would learning a lot more this way. 


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    1. You know Stephanie, so often in my head I struggle with how and what we 'should' be doing but in my heart I always know the person with the answers is the little giant right in front of me leading the way. I think now I would officially call us: soft scheduled self educators with "un" tendencies. Labels can be so liberating!

  2. Hannah learns most things this way, it really does work! Good decision xx