Friday, September 13, 2013

tic-tac-toe game with a twist

How to tackle a review day or make-up missed subjects without falling behind in others? 
How about with this little game?  
We picked up the tic-tac-toe frame for $3 while out thrifting the other day.  Then yesterday while Boo was at grandma's they sewed the bean bags for it. 
How we played was rotating through the topics each player picks a 'question' card.  For each right answer you get a bean bag toss.  The first player to get tic-tac-toes wins the round.  
I also picked up the sight word flash cards for a $1, turns out that was a bit of a wonderful mistake. I read through them and thought they were right on her reading level.  Funny thing, there wasn't a word in there she couldn't read!!! Giant victory in reading fluency! 
I wanted to see how the game went before taking the time to write out science and history cards. The game was a huge hit so I know what I will be doing this afternoon with my downtime in the Pro Shop at the gym.

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