Monday, September 16, 2013

simple, right?

I have fallen victim to her curiosity before.  Add a daily physics terms to the Today Board it will be quick and fun. Well, it was not fun or quick. What it was, was truly amazing!  I should have known I couldn’t get away with writing an equation on the board without deriving it for her.  Two small problems I am not Albert Einstein so you got me on the full understand of how E=mc^2 was accomplished (but WARP does see here) and she doesn’t, or didn’t at the time know exponents. Well she sure does now.

The Today Board after e=mc^2 was solved, you can see the blue swirls
left from erasing all those equation. Einstein to Newton.
“Wait Mom, I have to understand this.”  Beautiful words spoken about the squared speed of light. I spend about a half hour overall working and reworking various problems to explain what boils down to the difference between 5x3 and 5^3 or 5x5x5.  She needed proof (but why do you do that way?) that when it came to 5x3 you took 5 and added it 3 times getting 15, but when you took 5^3 you multiplied it the whole way through: 5x5x5=125. I used long hand equations, equivalents, a calculator to prove I wasn't making it all up, a drawing of steps getting expediently larger, I squared things, I cubed them, I added, I multiplied, and I did it over and over as she asked ever refined questions demanding just a little bit more form me until she got what she needed.

Then turned around and looked at the scientific notation of the earth's mass 5.976 x 10^24 and said, "I get it now, that thing is freaking HUGE!!!

Physics Term for September 16, 2013: MASS
...How about we check off math for the day too?    

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