Sunday, September 8, 2013

days of our gym, views from the Pro Shop

I raised her older bother and sister on the side of a soccer field.  I coached.  I played.  I coached coaches to coach. When they got old enough they played too.  It was my world.  My field.  My dreams.  I can’t help but to see this one is a little different.  This is where she is raising us all.  Gym Rats Boo & Soph <3  

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  1. excellent! what images of an idealic life for 2 little girls....who are not so little anymore! That one of Beach taunting Sophie reminds me of Squirrel Nutkin from Beatrix Potter. And Sof's face is Jeff's all the way. And you are right, everything about that pic of Sof with the chalky legs is great. The slump in the corner of the pro shop. They are growing up good. Thank you, Misty.