Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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We have been on the same school schedule for a few months now and even more surprising we have been schooling constantly for a long time!!! Probably our longest stretch yet, I would guess about 8 months(?).  Usually a few month of the 'books' leads to about a month or so of exploration time.  

We are over due for a change. For starters History Lessons are history! And we realized because Boo has gym on Saturdays (9-1) we are shorted a free day. The time of year is impacting us to (so much to do and see!) and some recent experiences and adventures left us wanting more time for other things. 

However leaving structured studies behind altogether (as we occasionally do) isn't where we are right now.  Boo, the child who at age 6 all by herself decided to leave a free form school setting and a traditional school because she wanted to be taught, is fixed on continuing her work in math, science, and writing skills.  She loves the ritual of us 'working' together in these subjects.  History was really the only subject we did that she didn't love.  
Experience tells me not to plan to far ahead in times of flux like these.  I can get caught up in projects and to do lists so we have an interim schedule in place for about up until the snow flies!  I would call it a soft schedule defined as a suggestive plan to keep things rolling along and to protect the things we want to do from outside pressures.

Daily Today Board 
(takes about 30 min to an 1 hr and it is one of Boo's favorite activities): 
Date and activities with number play.  
Mini weather lesson/experiment.
Terms with definitions or drawing explanation from science, geography, art, grammar, math, and word of the day.  Usually includes a round or 2 of hangman.  

*NEW* Eye PLUS work (1-2 hr daily patching goal) >collective groan<: 
20 minutes of silent reading.  20 minutes Phonics games. 20-60 min Screen time on Kindle. 20 min other close concentrated work such as handwriting, art, puzzles. (fyi this is an impossible goal for us but we are going to try.  And I bet we can get closer to the 2 hr mark by doing math work pages patched too.)

Monday ( a gym day):
(as much time as we need without missing gym) 
Natural Science (Notebooking, fieldtrips, nature walks, parks, hiking, art, collecting, experiments, physics play, geology, chemistry...)

Math (games, workbooks, cooking, art) and Science (reading, drawing, exploring, experimenting).  Lunch and Swimming

Wednesday (a gym day)
Word Day (poetry, writing, library, word games) Lunch and swimming/park/library/museum/errands.

Thursday: An Un day or a grandma Julie day :)

Friday (an early gym day)
Math (games, workbook pages) and Science (reading, drawing. exploring, experimenting.)

Of course as most homeschoolers/unschoolers/ home educators would tell you 90% of learning is outside the plan, it is organic, and if you tired to account for all of it each blog post would be a mile long.  Like... how almost every afternoon we have found ourselves deep inside our most current novels curled up some place or other for long stretches of uninterrupted bliss.  I don't believe English lit appear on any of our schedules, it doesn't need to for it to happen.

There is the schedule for now subject to change often.    

“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.”
~John Taylor Gatto~

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