Friday, September 20, 2013

an ambly-biguous eye exam, better than bad news (photo heavy, even for me!)

Some of you might know Boo has been struggling with her vision again.  The final straw was having her coach say something.  Apparently without effecting the quality of her vaulting Boo has stopped being able to see the vault on approach.  It used to be she just couldn’t see it until she was running full sprint towards it.  Her coach knows her so well and could tell something was wrong and able to get the new info for us; something had changed. The signs were all there. 
But in the chair with the Doc it wasn’t so clear as to what has happened.  A small change in rx in each eye more so in the good eye.  But the direct question is her vision better or worse was answered with a vagueness I have never encountered from him before. It was so small I think he is surprise but the amount of evidence and complaints and simply couldn't account for them all.  
The take home message after paying for a set of new lenses was it is time to revisit daily patching with the goal of in 6 months going into physical therapy to attempt to ’teach’ her eyes to see together.  The theory is her eyes are battling and at a distance neither does well so they can work together but as she gets closer to something the right eye tries to override the left but the left is fighting back.  End result is Boo’s brain isn’t getting a good image out of either.  This would be the reason as she improves in reading that she is choosing to forgo the glasses in an effort to help the good eye win the power struggle and why seeing the vault on approach is a challenge.  I suppose on some level this all good news.  There is some hope that the left eye can gain some ground through patching and physical therapy.  
We also got the importance of getting her into contacts lecture while Boo made horrible faces behind his back about it.  We would love to get her in contacts; she would rather put hot sauce in her eyes twice daily.  For now that isn’t a battle we can fight. 
I’m too tired and sick (surprise I am sick again!) to sort this out right now. Long busy, stressful week. And yet feeling extremely grateful to the wonderful people, big and small, in our lives.        

Sorry Dr. Conklin, I promise we are leaving now...

Life is what you make of it, carry on! 

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  1. these photos show it all. the dorkiness. the friendship. the fact that our girls are becoming women! In a few of these I can see their adult faces and they are both gorgeous! thank you for inserting us into your daily life when we fit. Because so often, two ninjas are better than one...and ninja-moms need a lot of help.