Wednesday, September 4, 2013

what homeschool looks like now

Not too long ago I let Boo set the school schedule.  I thought I would let it go until I got our Fall in order but as it turns out the schedule she picked is working so well I think we will keep going like this with just a few additions/modifications:
Monday: Science & Poetry (reading, writing, & spelling), and baking. Lunch break, often includes a walk. English Literature Reading. GYM 4 hrs.

Tuesday: Math, History, & Reading Skills.  Lunch break. Swimming.

 Wednesday: Spelling w/ Handwriting, Reading Skills, & Sewing. Lunch break (often includes a walk) English Literature Reading. GYM 4 hrs.

Thursday: Math, History, Reading Skills, and art. Lunch break (often includes a walk) English Literature Reading.  
Friday: Spelling w/ handwriting & reading. Early p.m. GYM 4 hrs.

Saturday: Early a.m. GYM 4hrs. Weekending.

Sunday: Weekending.

Of course we don't always follow it to the letter. Sometimes reading skills means going to the library and loading up on books, playing games that included reading skills, writing stories, or working in a phonics workbook.  Math might be only games one day, or real life money matters, or time working on worksheets. All our 'work' within the subjects are fluid from day to day (don't you love homeschool?!) but I find having a schedule actually helps me feel free to take days off to do other types of learning like going to the Zoo without worrying if we are 'doing enough'.  It also keeps me organized with less stress.  I feel more prepared when the school day starts. Having a schedule posted on our school board is like a little star on a map that says "You are here".

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