Monday, September 9, 2013

the amazing ordinary moment that was Monday

 This could be just another we had fun with our poetry word grab post but it isn't.  Sure we did have fun during poetry (reading, writing, spelling) and Boo ended up writing a funny little mystery short.  A fantastic piece of work actually. However as it often is in homeschool life a few more important things were going on.  I don't know quite how to express them without sounding overly dramatic so I will simply say how grateful I am to children who write.  It is hard for me to imagine that writing isn't something everyone can do, but as I have seen with Boo Papa and with her half brother writing for some is very hard.

So to see a child over coming all sort of roadblock in her way to write a story because it is in her heart has to be note worthy- don't you think?  

This Boo holding her work up to a lamp so
she can see it well enough to read it to me!
In the darkness there is a light, we call her child. 

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