Tuesday, September 10, 2013

when the 'teacher' is sick

Yesterday I found another great science experiment we want to try and share with everyone: turning milk into plastic- have you seen this?  This one holds a small challenge for us, the main part of the procedures involves microwaving and we don’t own one.  So I spent time looking for a way to make it work without one "what is the equivalent of 2 minutes in the microwave translated to the stove top?".  Also there is a materials list including milk, that would be what Boo calls "cow’s milk" something we don’t have on hand and a few other small items we need like molds.  No problem a trip to the store and a true experiment ‘can we pull this off?’  Answer: not today.  I woke up sick, sicker than I care to be with a fun & challenging science project waiting in the wings, a community event to attend, report on and document, followed by night class (for mom), childcare playdate for Boo (which I need to cancel), and two older boys and a grown man (now add picky-picky Boo) who will be wanting dinner right about the time I am pulling into the parking lot at the U for school.  It isn’t easy to be sick when you are the mom but as the teacher I say “No problem!!! We are taking the day off”.

To bake.
To listen to stories.
To nap.
To color.
To cut and paste.
To sew.
To play.
To go slow.
Sometimes a sick day is a good thing!

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