Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a morning at the zoo

Perfect morning to go to the zoo.
 We almost had the whole places to ourselves :) 
Front row views.
 Zoo Keeper's full attention.
Zero crowds!
 Loving the new improvements at the Zoo! 
 Especially the Polar Bear!!!

Close ups with a rhino!

Splash Pad ?! Nice addition.
( The only place we really saw other people)
 The tiger is up right above her looking down.
Stinky House, Boo loves her snakes.
And this 'smiling' turtle.

Can;t pass by the chance to ride an anteater! 
Or to watch an elephant eat.
 Lots of neat Lego fun at the Zoo to see too.
Did I mention no crowds? This was on our way out...
Time with an Elephant skull
 Peacock walk.
 Fantastic Day! Thanks again to our Zoo Staff Friend who hooked us up with some passes.

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