Sunday, January 22, 2012


When you are alone in a library or a museum it is hauntingly indulgent.  Like the thin layer of red raspberries hidden within fine dark chocolate cake, it is smooth and cool, ever so decadent.  When you are in a library or a museum with a child it is like taking a dozen dogs on a walk though a cat show.  It is straining and unnerving, action packed, out of control, and wonderful.  Watching a child learn is often messy but when you think about it, why wouldn’t it be? Watching a child learn is the cake of life. 

I may never be alone again in the quiet peace of marble hallways… I am a mom of four (22 f, 18 m, 12 m, 8 f), a semi-trained biologist, a runner, a partner, a novice urban farmer, and last but not least I am a facilitator for my youngest child’s education.  We have been home schooling for a few years, long enough to know not to say ‘oh we have it now! this is how it is done…’  But long enough to know we are at a turning point.  I have come to recognize patterns in our learning this ‘jump’ has been building for sometime.  Boo is 8 now, the reasons of why we walked away from public education, along with the lists of what we wanted to do instead are old and stained with coffee.  So, here we are ready to move on, to move deeper, to explore further, here we are heading into the middle years of childhood, a place were science and magic spark the fires for a life time of learning.  We would like for you to come with us…  

~Beauty surrounds us~ Rumi          

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