Tuesday, January 31, 2012

simple no sew pencil roll

Looking round the blogosphere for an easy way to carry colored pencils for the Little Scientist I found several no sew pencil roll prototypes.  This was the simplest form I came across. It was so common there is no attribution, so share away! It was fun to make.  We think we might try making a few more adding little flares here or there.
Materials: ruler, sharp scissors or a sharp punch, one piece of yarn or ribbon for the tie, a piece of wool felt (the size should allow for 1 inch spacing between pencils, the number of pencils you want will determine your felt size), a fabric pencil or marker for marking your holes.
The rest is pretty easy to see.  Mark you holes 1 inch apart on both sides of the felt.  Carefully cut or punch along your marks.  At one end (show below) add an extra hole for your tie.  Thread the pencils through.  And you’re done!    
 A variation on this was to add 2 holes on each side, when you thread the pencils through instead of one large middle hump you see smaller 'loops' on each side & more pencil inside the roll than outside.  If you choose to take that route make sure to adjust the holes to closer to the edge of you wool felt for balance.

~And carry on~ 
 (oh what a bad pun...)


  1. Great pencil roll! I followed your link from Saturday's Artist.

    1. I'm glad you did! & thank you. Our simple roll has been very handy to have. We can always find our pencils now & the tips don't get broken on the move.