Sunday, January 29, 2012

pom-poms pocket pals

Number one hint: use lots of glue to get these guys securely fastened.
The trick is to let them dry before adding eyes & ears.  Boo used a sharp paper punch to get nice round circles.  I preferred to hand cut mine.  Either way works.  And if you don't have felt around you can use card stock or thick construction paper.
The felt eyes were a challenge for 8 yr old to apply. 
She found the googly eyes much easier to work with.

For the pocket you can use a the back pocket of a pair of old jeans or a shirt-pocket.  Carefully remove the pocket from your item with the backs intact, so you have a stand alone pocket.  That will cut down on the sewing required.  I'll leave the 'how to go about that the best way' up to you since the condition for salvaged pockets will vary greatly.  We used the bottom of the Christmas Stocking from a second chance for Snowy. Running a stitch around the top to bind & prevent fraying.

And there you go, a pocket full of little pals.
Simple & fun!

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