Monday, January 30, 2012

teaching the Great Depression

I need to start by saying I have a child who is a 'history hater' or more correctly believes she is a history hater.  I found the way around the mountain in her mind is through literature & art.

Last month utilizing the ZAP tax free day we wandered through the Utah Museum of Fine Art on the campus of the University of Utah.
One of 8 yr old Boo's favorite exhibits was Leconte Stewart Depression Era Art of Utah.  It opened the door to this very interesting time period of US history for us to explore. 

Since the topic is huge in all sense of the meaning I am going to touch the subject very lightly.  If she chooses we will go further and I will add to this unit but for now it is: Dear America Survival in the Storm, The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace Edwards Dalhart, Texas, 1935, Children of the Great Depression by Russell Freedman, a field trip back to the UMFA, and a discussion with my father about his parents' experiences and accounts.   

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