Sunday, January 29, 2012

papa's parents

Boo's Papa was born and half raised in New England.  When he was about Boo's age his parents moved him and his older brother to Africa.  After a few years living there as teachers an unstable government and a coup forced their return to the States.  But not too many years later they moved again.  This time taking teaching posts in Japan where they adopted one of their students giving Papa a younger sister.
After graduating from high school in Japan Papa moved to Utah to ski & attend college.  His brother joined the Air Force.  It was an international family spread across the globe from the woods of New Hampshire through the deserts of Utah & Arizona to the city streets of Tokyo to whatever country Grandma & Grandpa were calling home. 
When we had Boo Papa's mom flew from Romania to see her.  His brother drove up from his Stateside Base.  A few years later Grandma & Grandpa moved again.  This time to the wilds of Utah to be with all of us.
 Grandma & Grandpa still teach, venturing out for the occasional international teaching posts here or there.  Mostly they are nearby for nights for gingerbread cake with lemon sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a game or two with their grandchildren.
Look out for Grandpa, he's an international game shark.
Life in the slow lane.
It doesn't get any better than this.

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  1. Having family spread so far and wide can be hard, but fun at times. I was born and raised in NH, moved to AZ when I joined the Air Force, met and married my hubby there, our daughter was born there, and all of our best friends are there.
    We have been living in Iowa (hubbies home state) for the past 4 years and will be moving again this summer- to Montana- when the hubby graduates from ISU and becomes a commissioned officer.
    We have loved living "close" (3 hours away) to his family and did our best to take advantage of this temporary closeness.