Monday, January 23, 2012

yarn octopus

A simple little yarn craft, the yarn octopus.
String, scissors, yarn, something flat like a book (the size you pick determines the size of your octopus), and a glass or foam ball

Start by wrapping the yarn around the flat thing, we choose a crayon box becasue Boo loves little.
Don’t wrap it too tight or it will be hard to work with later.

When you have a good thickness cut a small piece of yarn slipping it under your cluster tying it at one end of the flat thing.  Use the scissors to cut the opposite end so your tie will be at the top and the bottom will be the open ends. 

You should have a long bunch of yarn tied in the middle. 

Take the ball and tuck it under the middle wrapping the ball completely within the yarn. 
Take another piece of yarn, wrap it around the bunch a couple times and tie it with a double knot.  Split the yarn in even sections and cut the little pieces of yarn you’ll use later to tie the section.  Split every section in 3 parts, braid and then tie it.  Repeat for the other sections.
 And there you are a sweet little reading buddy.

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  1. This is really cute! We make little yarn dolls sort of in the same way, but I love to braid and so does my daughter.