Wednesday, June 3, 2015

how we roll, Algebra Day One

For most of the local schools this is the last last week of classes before summer break. For us it is Day One of our Algebra adventure. 
Today's lesson was factoring so we warmed up with a multiplication (Roll'N Multiply) and a division game (Pizza Parlor; a game we made up. It's fun, I'll post the game play rules for it later). The workbook we are using is Math Tutor Algebra Skills, easy review for the struggling student. I paid 11.99 for it at a local edu book store. Not too bad for a new book.
Recapping the reasons I selected this particular book: 

1) The text was clear with low visual distractions, a must for a kid with a visual disability  

2) Even though algebra is new to her I like the pace and the organization of the review format far better than any of the typical teaching books.

I have to admit I have been nervous, and kind of putting this off. There really have been very few subjects I have had to teach to Beach. I wasn't sure how it would all go over. In fact the very first thing I did was lay down the law. I told her, "You have to be nice to me even if I am not explaining something in the way you want me to AND you have to be patient with yourself." 

But so far so good! 
Well, okay, I got shushed a couple of times for jumping in too soon with help or hints. Division has been renamed cutting, I can live with that. But most importantly she was having fun. I think we got this!

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