Sunday, January 29, 2012


It is one of those moments you just knew was bound to happen.  A whisper you heard a long time ago.  Maybe I caught a glimpse of it in her first smile or found it running down the tiny pink lines of her little hands. 
Boo is a really old soul.  She is passionate, brimming with an over powering sense of internal justice.  She is driven and sharp.  She tends to be a bit on the stoic side with people but so tenderhearted with any animal lucky enough to cross her path.  It was only a matter of when, not if...
“When I grow up I am going to be a vegetarian,” she announced squeezing between me and the waiting open door of the car.
“Boo, hold on,” I said, “Why when you grow-up?  If this some that matters to you, why not now?” 
She moved quickly in the cold winter air clambering into her booster seat.  “I don’t like thinking about the animals.” She said, answering her own question not mine.
“You don’t have to wait.” I told her getting in the car. 
“Really?” she asked.
“Really.  We can give it a try.  See how you feel.  Would you like that?”
“Yeah, I would like that.  And I think the animals would too.”

Yes, I suppose so.  I don't know what prompted her yesterday to make up her mind & speak for her heart.  She has never spoken of being vegetarian before but trust me she knows what she is doing.  It may or may not last a lifetime, either way it was bound to happen, it was written in her stars. 
All I know is she came to us this way.        


  1. She is quite sweet. <3 I miss her and miss you! I hope you are doing ok.

  2. We are doing well, thank you. Of course you have to know as soon as she said it I thought of you. I bet you were as 'un-surprised' [sic] about her feeling this way as I was. I'm sure we will see you guys soon. MOB

  3. As soon as I saw two comments on this post, I knew one was from my little girl.