Saturday, January 28, 2012

a second chance for Snowy

This is Snowy.  He lives on a Christmas stocking belonging to a child who is known to carry them around like a blanket.  Sometimes a sleeping bag for a sock monkey or packed full of tiny very important things to have, things like pocket mirrors, a hand lens, paper clips, wire cutters, and a handful of metal nuts and bolts.  This is a very flattering pic of the condition of the stocking.  Christmas stockings aren't meant to be blankets, or sleeping bags, or purses for inventors.

This is Green Blob. 
A pile of remnant polar fleece rescued from grandma's sewing scrap becasue it was so soft.
The rescue: Snowy was extracted from his stocking by an 8 yr old with sewing shears.The recovery: A piece of Green Blob added to the back, cotton stuffing inside, and careful stitching all around.
Snowy the pillow.
Good luck Snowy!
May you have a long happy life as a pillow.

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