Tuesday, April 28, 2015

the big things going on

Alright, big thing No. 1: Pixel is recovering from his run in with the glass panel. He is back to squawking for peanuts and attention. Just this week he began flying again! Way to go, Pixel! 
Big thing No. 2: Getting ready for Regionals. Packing to fly to Long Beach at the end of the week. The level 7's are the only group left to compete this season. They have been working out separably from the other girls. We will be so glad when season is over!!!  
A note on packing: We are sharing one packed bag & each taking a carry-on. The rules for traveling is she must carry on her leo, warm-ups, and grips so no matter what happens to the checked luggage she has the items she needs to compete with her.  
No 3: Right before state I picked up a day shift at the gym. Beach has been "coaching" with one of the managers of the recreational program and she is totally loving it! The manager seems pretty pleased with her too. He sent a text to Big Coach D and the owner telling them he wanted to her hire her. She will have wait until she turns 16 but it's nice to know she has a job she loves (right now anyway) waiting for her. It's also pretty dang cute to watch Beach and coach Dan wrangle preschoolers together. 
No.4: Would be a hair cut. Minus 6 inches. We went to the store for contact solution and ended up with a summer hair cut. 
But if you asked Beach what the biggest thing that happened this week was she would probably say: she got an iphone!!! She bought it off her brother. Hello Instagram! Here comes Beach [gymrat_1013]. We'll see how it goes....

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