Thursday, January 29, 2015

well hello Beach Ries!

(look mom, no glasses!)

I am realizing she is getting a little too old to be called Boo-Bear much longer...
plus the judges glare at you when you yell "Boo!"
Things have been crazy around the farm with her dad working out of town and the start of meet season. The other night the Little Giants were the runners for the U of U meet and I didn't get one single pic of it! That's okay these lovely shots are from the Lady Luck meet. My cute father-in-law got them for us.
Our gym is hosting a big meet this weekend and Beach competes in the 3 session, middle of the day on Saturday. She has a tiny head cold, fingers crossed it doesn't slow her down too much.
Hopefully I will have my computer back so I can post the meet results and some of her routines. 
I promise she is still being educated!!! Big news in the reading department!
I will catch up on that too when the computer comes home.

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