Thursday, January 15, 2015

oh-yeah, see you in Las Vegas baby!

Wish Beach Ries (aka Boo) 
good luck in her first season meet as a Level 7!
She competes Friday Jan 16th at 8am PST at the 2015 Lady Luck Invitational. You should be able to track meet scores live via the Brown's Gymnastics page: click here

Boo's papa is home and holding down the farm while we are gone. Travel meets are fun and crazy. One heck of a way to open season! Let's cross our fingers on those giants :) Since last updated "the hold out skill, the giant", she has added [on highbar] a cast to handstand, to clear-hip handstand, to a giant, and then fly away layout! Wow, that is a lot of gymnastics words all strung together! If she "earns it" in warm up she'll compete it! 

Good luck to all the girls competing this weekend. 
Go have fun GTC, you ladies have earned it!

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