Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lady Luck 2015, otherwise known as Gabby took Boo to Vegas!

Hello Las Vegas!!!! 
That is Gabby and Boo making their grand entrance and doing hair while waiting for the team dinner to start. Gabby is a Level 8 who Boo adores and happened to be our ride and room buddy for this travel meet. Hello Gabby!!! 
This is our little team of level 7s. We have one out to illness so it was just the 4 of them, 3 of which are in the same age category.  We were up to bat first thing Friday morning. Our gym had other levels competing at the same time which split our coaches up. Big coach D took on the Little Giants by himself. It was really cute!
The pic above was snapped during the nation anthem (I asked another mom to get for me so I wasn't the one not following the "rules"). The girls were already in their grips. If you can't tell Boo is the one on the end with her left hand behind her back.
Bars were great. Even though Boo didn't pass off her harder "A" routine in warm-ups she competed her standby without getting to warm-up her giant and got a solid 9.0 (9th)! Nice kiddo! Sophie, didn't make her harder "A" routine either but got permission to go for it anyway and made in competition the skill (toe-on, toe-off) she hadn't been able to do in warm-ups! 
Boo really shines on Beam. Preformed a 9.550 First Place routine with an amazing pike dismount!!! Beam was the event she really wanted to place in and that she did. She hadn't looked at her scores so when she was called up at awards that was the first time she heard how well she had done. 
Look at that smile.

On floor she snagged her toe and tripped while lining up her first tumbling pass it caused her to step out of bounds (that will cost you, lol!). She recovered nicely and had a beautiful routine (9.150, 5th place). 
Vault is a mystery, I'm just kidding she did well (9.0, 10th) but we are sick of handsprings. I mean come on the same vault for something like 4 years is torture. The only truly exciting part of vault was the arena's lights went off while Sophie was vaulting so she got 3 vaults which as it turns out one of them was first place vault in her age group- nice! 
Beachy-Boo placed with medals in 3 out of the 4 events and took Fifth (in a tie) in the All Around with a 36.7! All her mates did very well!
Our tiny team of just 4 took Fifth as team!!!!!!!!!!!! Our other levels including Gabby, took home a good amount of gymnastics bling. Way to rock GTC! 
Nice work ladies.
Competing the early session on the first day means you have a little time for some hotel R&R.
Plus weighing in at 68lbs she was finally able to ride the Zip Line and she was tall enough that she even got to ride the rollercoaster at New York New York! Although now she owes me a lot of money. Fun in Vegas is not cheap! 
And that's about all for now. My computer is in the shop getting some much needed care when I get her back I will post links to floor, bars, and vault. 
Monday is a holiday sooooo the girls have been called in for an 8am five hour practice! Meet you back in the gym! 

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