Thursday, January 8, 2015

it's that time of year again

It seems this is the time of year the benefits of homeschooling really pay off. 

I have a sick kid. A busy sick kid with lots of travel days for gym ahead in the next few months. I listen to the moms on the bench as they fight the school system and the gym for some sort of middle ground. Trapped are the kids rushing to gym, rushing to school, rushing to homework... trust me there are plenty of times I am jealous of the curbside drop offs, book fairs, and back-to-school nights but not right.

Right now I am grateful to answer the more than normal amount of inquires about homeschooling from other moms. Grateful I feel as comfortable as I do with how well Boo is learning and doing in and out of school work these days (minus the tummy trouble). 

I am grateful for the mess of art and cards piling up from a few days of taking it easy.  I am grateful to read a book based on a mood or a need/want of humor and commonality. To read it in a cozy bed- cat optional.

I am grateful for a pediatrician who laughed about her not needing a to fake an illness to get out of a boring class or a doctor's note excusing her from missing school. Glad for the slow, calm drive home- no need to hurry all things can wait.

I love that we did stamp art while watching a documentary Jonestown, Paradise Lost on Netflix. I love that the new clarity of Boo's contacts have suddenly given her the ability to write within the lines on a sheet of paper. Crazy right? It's something most of would never think about being an issue but with 2 drastically different images coming into her brain the lines didn't make sense so she ignored them, until now! I love that she hasn't spent years being hounded about the whole thing by a well meaning but misguided teacher.

Most of all I am grateful for the time we have and how perfectly 11 years old she is. That is the true freedom of being here, childhood has a chance to stretch aaaallllllllllll the way out. 

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