Saturday, December 13, 2014

30 days

We have been, we just haven't been here. 
In the last 30 days or so, starting with gym and eyes... 

Boo has competed 2 inner squad meets and one soft landing season icebreaker (36.87 All Around, the judging tends to be nicer than in season). Sadly, her dad has been out of town missing all 3. Settling for phone calls about how it went. 

Her skills for getting her contacts in are vastly improved. But the quality of her vision in them is pretty poor so school work has been on the thin side. Today is the first day she has put on her glasses in over a month. She couldn't believe how well she see with them verses the contacts. And yet she continues to do well at gym. She now has a clear-hip to double giant flyaway on set! Big coach D takes every chance he gets to tease me about how worried I was about that giant. 

I had also been worried about her front tumbling. That was needless too. It is so BIG and beautiful. 

Boo is requesting a change in her back tumbling pass on floor because she is bored. Big coach D is allowing her to work the new pass in practice but whether he allows her to compete we will have to wait and see. Next meet is Lady Luck in Las Vegas, Nevada in mid January.

From the parent bench I have seen her working on a beam dismount that includes a half twist. So much for my request she do her beam routine then turn to the judges and explain that her mother does not like her running and flinging herself full force off the end of a beam so she is just going to salute and climb down nicely. 


Which brings us back to eyes. We have ordered the next step in the contacts transition, which turns out to be a series of 3 sets of trial lenses. Each can correct for a few of Boo's vision issues but none of them correct for everything. That wasn't in the plan. On top of the horrible timing we love her doctor but dealing with Walmart is a nightmare! 
 Soft Landing December 6, 2014 
Link to her Floor Routine (9.3) 

Every thing else is just life. Mostly relying on our friends to keep us sane, busy, and happy. 

Having Boo's papa working out of town is hard. But there is also strange blessings that show up. Like really appreciating the time we do have together.

 The last topic is school work going forward from here. I am taking the weekend to pull us back together and despite that our life barely looks familiar to me we plan to return to the books on Monday. 

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