Friday, October 31, 2014

we are here

We are here and it feels really good. With everything else going on in our lives- gym schedules, meet schedules, travel schedules, work schedules, eye/contact schedules,... we need to 'UN' ourselves a touch.
And 'UN' we did.
Put away the planner and the rules.... 
and self-directed learning takes off.
 We read some stories, play a few math & word games, created a couple of poems on the board with the magnetic literacy letters we found at NPS, and then it starts with "Mom, I have always wanted to..."
 "To trace these Halloween placemats and make my own haunted house drawing with it."  Perfect activity to do while listening to Neil Gaiman's Halloween on Selected Shorts. 
She is still working on it. We had to put it aside to carve a pumpkin and get contacts in before gym. Boo has big plans for the sky and for the colors on the house itself. The beauty is she has all the time she wants. We didn't even bother to clean-up.  
 This is what learning looks like over here these days.
 And if someone were counting, just out of curiosity, we still managed to touch on every 'school subject'. I doesn't always go like that, nor should it, but for what it is worth it was nice to feel that good about such an easy day.

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