Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the hold out skill


Welcome to the new gym!!!! I have been working so much I haven't had a chance to get clips of practice but last night I was just another gym mom in the bleachers. Yep, no more mom bench we have been upgraded to shiny new bleachers way up on the 2nd floor viewing area!! Watch your step :)

It seems that every year there is that one hold out skill. The one Boo needs for season and almost has it, almost.... then at the last second it clicks into place for her. 

Well, that skill this year is her giant. She had it and even connected a flyaway to it but taking it from metal bar to wood bar she couldn't quite get it back even when she returned to metal bar. 
Last night however with a ton of hard work behind her here it is: 


Boo is such a fighter. I laughed when I watched this because obviously, big coach D was ready for her to get it too! He was working on the sideline almost as much as she was. I adore her coaches!!! 

BEAM standing back tuck

BEAM front walkover


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