Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ready or not contacts

 Sooooo, there has been a little bit of eye drama around here ever since Boo broke her glasses at practice on Friday. For a while now Boo has expressed the desire to try contacts again >shutter at the thought<. To put it politely the first time didn't not go well. That was a few years ago. With the discovery that Boo's narrow 119 width frames had been discontinued and the realization that glasses and gymnastics at this level aren't the best pairing I agreed we could try again. 

Or I should say her doctor agreed she could try again. Here is the downside: the lenses she needs to correct all her vision issues are HUGE. That was part of the failure last time around. This time her Dr. is having her use a smaller lens for the first 30 days or until she is comfortable enough putting them in and out. Then we can upgrade to the bigger, better ones. It means while she is in the lenses she has now her vision isn't fully corrected for- in fact she can't read with these. We are officially in unschool mode until further notice. Perfect time of year for it too <3

Day one didn't go so well but its in the past now.

Day two a little better. First day doing gymnastics without glasses!!!!!!!!! Although Boo came off beam crying. When she can't see as well she gets frustrated easier- makes sense. Something about a flick-flick and her standing tucks. Her coach said she is just too hard on herself. That Boo warmed up all the hardest moves she could think of and tried to do them all together in a single pass. Boo's version of taking it easy. 

I thought it was worth noting that one of the other moms commented that Boo doesn't know what to do with her hands now, she was so used to pushing up her glasses after tumbling, lol. 

At the end of Day 2 she wasn't able to get one of her contacts out and managed to leave a finger nail mark on her eyeball. Yep, she cut her eye. I can admit I am starting to (calmly on the outside, panic on the inside) run through worse cases about eye health and all the horrible things that could wrong. I will leave it at I am a bit stressed.

Here we are on day 3. After sleeping in her one contact (totally fine thing to do in the type she has) she put the other contact in rather quickly (under 20 minutes) and we are headed riding because nothing helps hard times feel better like sitting on a horse does.

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  1. I absolutely love this picture of her grinning with the bird on her head.
    As a Mom I always dread transitions with my kids. Yet when they are over, I am often surprised at how quickly we muddle through, and it is so much better when I allow them to change when they need to. I hope it is the same for you guys.