Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pumpkin hunting

Last weekend we knocked off gym-work a couple hours early to go pick out pumpkins at a locally owned nursery up the street from the gym. We invited a few friends to meet us there.  
 First year that I can recall picking out pumpkin in 70 degree weather! 
 Like Boo, Gavin tends to hang around the gym so we took him with us. 
 We had 3 adults to 4 kids and what seemed like a hundred different pumpkins, in all directions, to see!!! I forget how much fun 4 yr olds are <3.
 After we picked out our pumpkins, my kids got 2 bigs and 1 small each, I took my crew to frozen yogurt. I would have loved to get a pic of the crazy toppings but I never got a chance. Gavin and Boo are yogurt sharks! 

 Now that the weather in Utah is finally cooling off it is time to get down to business and carve our pumpkins. 

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