Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GTC 2014 and beyond! (what we have been up to)

Yep, just like Boo said when she saw the FOR LEASE sign outside our old building, this was pretty much her home. This pic was taken on the last day of practice at the old location.
She has grown-up here in this gym. But it was time for gym to do some growing up too. So as we move forward I thought we might take a look back as well.
 Starting with Old Level 3 Spring 2011 
State 2011
Old Level 4 Fall 2011
GTC's Spooktaculat Meet Fall 2011 
Old Level 5 Fall 2011-12
State Meet 2012 Ogden, Utah
New Level 6 Spring 2013-14
First Optional Routine
GTC's Rocky Mountain Invitational 2014
Out of State Competitions: California 2014
GTC Host of State Meet Spring 2014 Lehi, Utah
 Regional Gym Camp summer 2014
And the move September 2014!!! To our brand new, custom building a little over a mile from our old location. It took a small army of GTC parents, gymnasts, and staff to move our gym in 3 days. Some families and coaches worked 16+ hour days to get us ready for classes on Monday. We truly have the best gym family on the planet!!! 
A weekend of hard work, displays of dedication and selflessness, you could not ask for a better classroom to teach character and values in. I love our gym life. Special thanks to the coaches and to Heather and Breck for all they give to us and our girls.
GTC's pic of the first classes in our new space.
Spectacular! 2014 and beyond!

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