Sunday, October 5, 2014

a bit of spooky fun

 In October, before closing for the season, our local amusement park takes a dark turn.... Frightmares!
There is a lot of of silliness and some scary stuff. 
For a while it was just Boo and I riding rides and looking around. Then we were joined by friends Tessa and Abby.

 Apparently Boo doesn't know how to be ornery!

After the sunset the girls and we had loaded the girls up with barbecue and mashed potatoes they decided to try one of the real spook alleys. We managed to hook up with our 2nd set of friends adding Sophie and Max (max, as the only boy he was a bit photo shy) to the mix. 
Count them: SIX KIDS. Now that is really scary!
The line was SUPER long but there was tons to see and do while waiting. This scary Cinderella dragging around severed feet with her stopped to play games with the girls.
 Waiting in line was almost more fun then the actual attraction!
 Oh-but things are starting to get spooky!!!
 The 4 girls decided to create a chain, each end flanked with a parent. Only 6 people can walk side-by-side through a spook alley together. Anytime someone had to let go or step out one of them would scream, "Formation, return to formation!!!"  And that was before we even went in...
 Obviously formation didn't last very long. I ended up carrying & dragging Sophie through most of it while the other mom wrangled the formation safely through.
Totally spooktacular night. Only wish we could have hooked up with the 3rd group of our friends who were out there too. Oh well, you can't win them all.
Sure it's all fun and games until someone loses their head.

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