Friday, August 22, 2014

working with her

After her school work was done I set Boo free to play. She visited the rope swing behind the chicken coop composing a few new songs as she glided back and forth through the air. She spent some time petted Owen. Then returned to the house to play with her Pinterest stables...or if we lived in a state which required me to account for our learning I would check it off as creative writing, reading, and spelling. 
What she is doing: Boo has invented a whole series of stable stories to go along with photos of horses. Created and named at least a dozen riders and horse all with unique personalities, back stories, and show names. Organized and documented on the various charts she generates each time a new rider or horse is added to the stables- so let's check off penmanship as well.
I will let you in on a little secret behind the origins of that incredibly complex, imagination based creative writing project of hers. It came out of allowing her time to be bored. It emerged out of unlimited Kindle screen time. Hours of shows like Kicking It With You and Kitchen Nightmares. Eventually she found a way to actively entertain her own mind.
 The point of all of this is we spend 2-3 hours learning (for now) my way, with books, structured games, and papers. And the other 12 hrs or so of the day are hers. (Well, plus or minus the 4 hrs she likes to spend at gym) 
Yesterday after school ended we dug up the last of the potatoes, we washed them, baked them, and ate them for lunch. Boo's idea sparked from reading about potatoes earlier in our science lesson. Where do you file experience like that? Science? Nature? Agriculture? Nutrition? Home Economics? Lunch?
All of the above. Home school :)
Time is the key to learning. Not just taking the time to learn something but providing the time and space for learning to organically grow...just like a garden- space, love, light, energy, and time.

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