Friday, August 8, 2014

the gift of friends

 We must of spent 20 minutes there. Noses pressed to the fence watching frogs in dirty water. Around us the chaotic whirl of an amusement park passed us by. 
 Our kids are polar opposites, our parenting styles miles (& miles) apart, and yet within us is a shelter for our kids, our families, and each other. 
 Yesterday I needed that shelter. I needed a few hours after work (me) and gym (Boo) to see my kid set free. Free to spend time in the shade just talking, free to catch a snake while other mothers shrieked for their kids to not go near it, free to be little and laughing in the company of friends.
I feel we are truly blessed to have so many friends who make us feel this way. Whole families we count on to make us laugh, to help us through hard times, and to remind us to take time to celebrate everyday life.

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