Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday with love

Yes, it is true we are officially back in school. 
Our morning started with harvesting a field of fresh clover for Owen,  Boo's rabbit. Not quite the traditional way to start school but this a farm home school.

Welcome back to home school reading:
English lit this year includes Jr. Great Books. We are pairing each story with an art project. Today we started with The Master Cat
 Cat faces art project.
To help her foster independence Boo is doing her weekly spelling practice mostly unaided this year. She is responsible to set aside the time she needs to work in her speller and do her silent/aloud reading each day. 
Today she did her math work by herself too.   
Our first science unit this years is based on One Small Square Backyard. The perfect way to practice observation skills and enjoy exploring our own backyard. 
Slow life lunch line:
Homegrown grapes 
mini carrots
Homemade basil & cheese pizza on a whole wheat oatmeal crust 
Homemade cinnamon roll 
green tea 
Dessert pizza rolls are one of Boo's specialties.
After lunch mixed media: Antboy (in place of swimming). We rented this DVD over the weekend thinking we would find time to watch it but we never did. I gave Boo the choice between the pool and the movie and she picked movie :) 
Probably a B movie but the science info (which went very well with our science lesson) & the good message made it worth watching at least once.
Great start to the school year. With school work done all that is left is a little downtime then off to gym early for a Parent Gymnast Coach meeting.

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