Tuesday, August 19, 2014

how it goes

I knew Boo was up because I could see she was on Pinterest. A flurry of horse pins flooding in among my oh so 'grown-up' pins. I was looking for a banana muffin recipe to make for breakfast. 

Next time I ran across her trail she was out in the yard showing Owen how to get up into his shelter box because today it is overcast and the promise of rain is hanging low in the sky.

We met up again on her bed where she was back pinning but asking me to double check her spelling of the word dream, one of her spelling words for the week. She talked about the wind last night blowing through her window. We checked her mini terrarium to see the miniature sprouts just beginning to pop out of the dark soil. 

Before the muffins were done baking I found Boo working on her spelling words at the kitchen table in her little blue speller.
I asked her if she would tolerate an egg with her muffin. 
>kid does not eat enough protein< 
She replied, "As long as it is not eggie."
*right, no eggie eggs*
After eating her muffin and picking through her very flat, over cooked, dry egg for not eggie parts to eat she cleared her plate and took up the math I had left out for her.

Day two of school and it goes just like that, peaceful and slow. The pleasure of playing Chutes and Ladders with an almost 11 yr old. A walk in the rain. Reading novels in "mom's bed", history snuggled together under blankets on the sofa while the rain falls.

Last night in the parents meeting we had four coaches with nothing much to say to us but 'that there is a great kid'. Gymnastics strong, very strong, respectful, sweet, hard working, funny... It can make such meetings a little awkward, a little Stepford-ish but yes, that there is a great kid and I am so lucky to be her homeschooling mom.

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