Monday, August 25, 2014

fun with spelling: jump spelling

For spelling this year our motto is steady as she goes. Using a list of words which start at about grade level 1, word family consonant blends such as "gr", we are working our way as far as we can go. Hopefully ending the year on or near grade level which for Boo would be 6-ish grade. 
Each week Boo will have a new list. Last year I allowed her to pass off spelling words as soon as she thought she could. I realized doing it that way how little she was incorporating her new spelling words (at least in their correct forms) into her writing. I understood she needed more time working with them. 
This year it is one list per week. On Monday she gets the list and I will help her to learn her new words. The rest of the week she is on her own to master them. Working on that independence.  
 Today's new list we took out to the driveway for a little jump spelling. I wrote the blend "gr" in the center. Next I wrote the second half of the words in shapes around the first. As I called out the word Boo would jump to the correct ending.
I took my turn jumping too while she read them to me. As we played we called them out faster and faster. We both had a blast.
And of course Boo had to grade it.

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