Monday, August 18, 2014

back to school interview

Age 10

(Q) What is your favorite thing to do?
(A)  Play horses with my friends.

(Q) What is your favorite thing to do when you are alone?
(A)  Swing on the rope swing.

(Q) What do you want to be when you grow up
(A) A photographer, an animal rescuer, and a Realtor.

(Q) Favorite sport?
(A) Gymnastics and riding

(Q) Favorite subject?
"In school or in talking?" she asked. "In school." 
(A) Science and spelling

(Q) Favorite book?
(A) Round Robin 

(Q) Favorite TV show?
(A) Word Girl

(Q) Favorite color?
(A) YELLOW! And then pink, then blue, and then purple, and then green.

(Q) Favorite music
(A) "Oh, I know this one Hall of Fame. It makes me feel really strong!"

(Q) Favorite outfits?
(A) "My red romper and any pair of overalls since you don't have to worry about your pants falling down."

(Q) Favorite foods?
(A) Pomegranates and artichokes

(Q) Favorite drink?
(A) Water

(Q) Favorite scary story?
(A) "The one we made up about the sister seeing her brother's name on the gravestone." 

(Q) Favorite funny story?
(A) "The one when I was little and you guys took me to a broken down house and I said, 'It needs a new light.'"

(Q) What are you afraid of?
(A) "I'm afraid of getting scared. Like in the dark I afraid that something will scare me."

(Q) What makes you feel safe?
(A) "My bunny and sleeping in mom's bed."

(Q)What makes a good friend?
(A) "Someone who is nice, and you can trust, and likes to do the same things you like to do or at least doesn't make fun of you for liking them if they don't.

(Q) What is trust?
(A) "Being able to rely on... because you know they will catch you if you fall and they will be careful with what matters to you, like the stuff in your room or your animals."

(Q) What is hard to do?
(A) Reading

(Q) What is easy?
(A) "Lots of stuff is easy! Like back flips and cartwheels."

(Q) What do you want to improve?
(A) "Latte's riding gait."

(Q) What are you good at?
(A) Basketball and board games

(Q) What drives you nuts?
(A) "Drinking noises! So nuts!"

(Q) Do you like being homeschooled?
(A) "I love it! I like it because I can do stuff the way I want it and I get to pick the way my day goes. Plus my teacher is super nice!"

(Q) What is your most favorite way to spend a day?
(A) "On a weekend, so no gym, I love gym but you can't go every day. I would wake up and clean my room. Eat a big crepe and fruit breakfast. Then we would go to the park, come home and read, play horses with my friends, and then a sleep-over with a hot dog dinner and more fruit and artichokes." 

(Q) Are you ready to start school?
(A) "So ready! This was fun."

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