Sunday, July 27, 2014

photos from camp

As the photos from gym camp roll in I can literally feel the love coming with them. Love from camp, love from the other gym moms at home, and the love of the girls for each other. 

In this life as a gym mom I have made many friends. Boo has made even more. On Friday as I was ending my shift long after I had driven the big white van back to the gym, the office manager had one last thing I needed to do before I could leave. It was an important request from the gym owner. It was to view 2 photos of Boo, Gabby, and the new Little on the optional team seated inside the plane together. Boo and her window seat beside Gabby, her protector, and Little with her good sense of humor and easy going nature (also the gym owners own daughter).

Couldn't really ask for anything better than this. I think gym love is like religion. You, your family, & of course your child, spend so much time and energy there it has to be something you honestly believe in. And one gym does not fit all. 

Nothing will be perfect, fault is easy to find when you are looking for it. Once we had doubts. I am grateful I had the chance to see just how good we have it at our gym. 

Standing here, day 3 of my homeschooled never gone away child being 2 states away at gym camp I can say, I am a believer in us. I am not an easy convert but I am also not so dense as to ignore what is so obviously right in front of me. For us this gym is most certainly the place. The things that matter to us as a family are right here at GTC.

How well my child does in this crazy sport is really up to her. And in everything else, in opportunities offered, skilled & caring coaching, positive environments, safety, support, community, and love, she is in excellent hands. 



  1. You are very lucky to love your gym and have it feel like home. We have had a few months of uncertainty here but have decided to return home to our original gym. There was a lot of drama with Simone Biles leaving and her family starting up their own gym. They took 3 coaches and the best gymnasts. It is horrible to see. I feel so bad for the owner. He works very hard and loves his gymnasts. Sometimes you just have to stick it out at a gym, through good times and bad. My daughter loves gymnastics and we are making this commitment. Even at this tough time when he is looking for coaches. Gymastics becomes a 2nd family and we have to stick together. It sucks when it becomes clear that coaches were not committed to everybody, but really just to Simone. Coaches and gymnasts follow her because she is great. They think it will make them great, but it doesn't. It is sad. I love Simone, but this whole situation sucks. I know I don't know you but I feel connected to you through gymnastics lol. Welcome to my drama :)

    1. Dear Megan,
      Not many truly understand the wide and crazy world of a gym mom. We have to stick together. I am sorry to hear about the gym "jumping"- so sad. I hope your gym and owner weather the storm. So, it sounds to me like your gymnast is heading back into the gym full time (?) Good luck and keep all of us posted.

  2. Misty
    I am so glad we are in the same delightfully dysfunctional family. I can't imagine weathering all of the ups and downs without you. This is so much more than a sport. It is the classroom of life. The girls teach us, we teach them, and we all learn from each other. Thank you for all you do. I see it. You are an invaluable asset to GTC and to the girls who practically live there. ;)
    You go above and beyond, not just for your child but for all of them.