Wednesday, July 16, 2014

days and days and days

 Let's one was the all breeds horse show, preferred gait where Boo was the only youth rider in the division :)
 She was hosted/treated by my wonderful cousin Becky, her sweet husband Alan, and their amazing friend Linda. They took care of everything! Boo left gym early to go and I followed later after I got off work. 
While I was leaving the gym her coaches demanded lots of photos. It was nice to know they support her in and out of the gym.
 The Grow-Twigs showed up too! We have great friends!!!
 How do you top off your first horse show? 
The next day you go to the lake with more great friends and their family!
Big and Little Boo <3
They were pretty much joined at the hip.
Little Boo's papa sneaking in on the fun.
And then the next day we packed up and headed for Lava Hot Springs, Idaho for my family's annual over night extravaganza.
The gorgeous house we all stay at The Inn At Owl Creek.
Boo is pretty sure it is Fablehaven. 
It is an action packed 2 days filled with cousins and other wild things.
Including Boo's new love: a mule.
Hula hoops and rockets
Fun for all ages. That is Boo's papa and my uncle making "improvements" on the water bottle rockets.
Games, tons of food, and laughter. 
My family is very funny :)

Just when you think that is enough days of fun we came home to a field of potatoes ready to pull and eat. 
Summer is in full swing.
(send coffee this mom is very, very tired!)

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