Thursday, June 19, 2014

in action missing

Gym Mom's Log, Day 11: Over it. 

Mostly joking, but we are all a little worn out over here. I have been working a ton and of course Boo has been a busy summer ninja. I knew at the end of last week the increased hours had gotten to her little body. 

School? What is that?! 

Monday Boo was picked up from gym by my parents to attend a family summer swim and birthday party while I stayed to work. She got home late, skipped the usually icing, and went to bed. BIG mistake. Mid workout Tuesday she was pulled from tumbling because her heels were bothering her so much. 

The next day, 20 minutes into practice she was suddenly behind me at the front desk in tears! She had a pulled or strained a muscle in her neck/shoulders. The kid is miserable. She finished her 5 hr workout with some modifications. Afterwards we went home she took a hot shower, iced, we watched Frozen, and ate watermelon until it was time to return to the gym for the Team BBQ.

First thing this morning back at it- still sore but improving. Starting with 2 hours of dance training from the coach/dancer who was Boo's choreographer for her floor routine.  

Adjusting is the word of the week. 


  1. Poor Boo, hope she feels better. I played tennis as a kid and some days were just agony - sending her love xxx