Wednesday, June 11, 2014

how it's going so far

Week one of the summer gym schedule and if you can't read the time on that clock it reads 7:35 am. Off and running to gym with coffee for mom topped with a surf shack umbrella left over from some ninja's snow cone.
 Between working at the gym and carting home/park/pool random extra ninjas. I feel like we have our own gym summer camp going on right here on the farm and we are loving it!!! 
Monday after gym and before work we managed a late lunch at the park.
Tuesday was straight down time on the farm. And today we hit he pool. I thought it best to pick an indoor pool to avoid the whole sunburn routine. 

Just your typical trained killer pool side.
As for the gym as always it is real, hard, serious little giant playtime. 
Boo's back-walkover-flick on high beam- all she needs for a level 7 beam routine series right there :)
That fabulous standing back tuck.
And whatever this is called....
Boo is the ninja screen left. 
Screen right is one of our new incoming Level 6's. 
Go team!!!!

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