Tuesday, June 3, 2014

gym tour for Emily

Boo has a little friend who lives in Switzerland. She just turned 7 yrs old. Like Boo she is a hard working gymnast. Boo and Emily mostly communicate via blog watching and facebook through their moms. Emily and her family can be found at Living in the Land of Chocolate. 

Hello Emily! 
This post is for you. 

After I read what your mom wrote about seeing all of our beams I asked my mom if we could do a tour of my gym for you.

Right now the gym is closed. Only the competitive teams have practice this week. The coaches and staff and some of the moms are doing cleaning so I can show you around without getting kicked in the head or run over. My gym is usually very busy! 


  1. This is an AMAZING post - thank you Beach and Misty.
    Emily LOVED it, and she is now asking if we can move to Utah so she can train at your gym.
    We will post a response which I hope will be interesting - our gym is very (very) different....

  2. That was awesome. I enjoyed the tour, too!!!!