Tuesday, June 24, 2014

golden spike and the spiral jetty

We finally managed a short camping getaway. Along with our friends/neighbors we headed to the northern edge of the Great Salt Lake about a 2 hr drive. Along the way we stopped at the Golden Spike and the Spiral Jetty. 
We found loads of treasures- a complete snake skin, thick deposits of clay, 
and of course lots and lots of salt! 
There were no shortages of high desert sun shine and long dirt roads.
Great Salt Lake salt flats
We found lava formations to play on.
And an amazing amount of bones!
These little ladies did such a great job camping together. 
Watching from a safe distance while the other grownups (not me!) did a little target practice.
Camping food is always the best.  We had a great big fire pit dinner of chicken bobs with peppers, roasted potatoes, and a few hot dogs for good measure.
Boo actually slept in her own tent but the morning wind brought her into mom and dad's tent for a little bit of cuddle time.
After a great breakfast of bacon,eggs, and hash browns we hit the flats for some off roading which turned into more of an adventure than we planned....
Indeed a VERY stuck truck.
It took half the day to get it out.  
We took the extra time to explore the dry lake bed finding whole new crystal formations!  
Lots of sun screen and wild life spotting.
Amazing little vacation :)
Ending with chocolate creamies in the shade at the first gas station we found and a large garlic chicken pizza waiting to pick up on the way home.

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