Tuesday, May 6, 2014

wild west window garden

Boo may not be much of a history lover but she does love horses. 
That is part of the reason we are revisiting the wild wild west. 
Our wild west window garden was super easy to make. 
Our box is a vintage bread pan we picked up at local thrift store for .75 cents, cut to size plastic lining we found in Boo's papa's work shop, the rocks are from one of many desert camping trips, toy horses belonged to Boo's big sister, and the cacti are from the plant shop across the street from Boo's gym, cost about $4.00 each. 
I wouldn't have spent that much on 2 plants but Boo was sent over alone while I was working on Saturday. I could see her the whole way over. I just couldn't see her spend almost all the money I sent her with  She was so happy with the 2 she got I couldn't really be mad over a few bucks. 
The soil is a sand and potting soil mix. 
That is pretty much it. 
Fun, quick, and easy! A project worth keeping around.

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