Thursday, May 8, 2014

practice is

Boo has been working hard at gym. Season is finally over for everybody. Her grips are broken in. Although I have not had a chance to see her on set (bars) in what seems like forever. 
On the social side of gym life, 2 teammates retired and 2 new teammates move up from compulsory. One of the move ups is an old, much loved teammate who fell behind because of health issues and has fought her way back. Yeah!!! The other is the little sister of one of the Level 7's. <3 sisters <3 I love that! 
Right now boo's big-big is that back tuck on high beam

Go Boo!!! 

The other big is her series (2 connected skills) on beam which she will need for Level 7. If you can have a flight skill, such as a back hand spring or a double down, in your series you don't need to do a separate flight skill. 

Boo (above) warming up the series most of the 7's worked to competed last season It is the back walkover back flick.

Currently Boo is working a back walkover double down. 
I was working so all I got was the double down part.

A collection of tumbling and such: 
(not sure as to what is even on here)


  1. That child is amazing. Holy smokes!!! I can't even express how amazing she is!!

    1. Thanks! <3 She is a pretty super kid <3