Wednesday, May 14, 2014

monday's ups and downs

Monday was a perfect day. At least it was looking that way. It was the first sunny day in a week. I picked Boo up from her grandmother's house after enjoying a sleepover. We drove out to my cousin's house for a stable day with Latte and a snuggle or two with the new barn kittens. Perfect and clear...
Until we hit gym. While we were out an e-mail was sent announcing an emergency parent and gymnast meeting for 7:15. None of us knew what was coming. Boo's most beloved coach announced that had been her last practice with our girls. She was retiring from our gym to pursue other opportunities in the gym world and in the real world.  

It was a huge blow to everyone. Lots of crying. Boo loves her coach as if she was another mother. And although we are happy for her to get to start a new phase of her life, she will be missed. Lucky for us we are blessed enough to be friends with her coach Wendy in real life too. We even got to see and play with her at the park on Tuesday before gym. 
It casts a bitter sweetness to the victories Boo is winning in the gym. She is the strongest I have ever seen her. She is wowing her coaches left and right. Big D is adding skills to her tumbling that the 8's struggled to gain for competition season last year. She is working beam series right beside her idol Gabby, who is one of if not the best gymnast on the team. Her bars are beauty. And her level 8 vault skills starting to take off. All of this for a kid who is rounding her 4th year in gymnastics and we expect to see her compete next season as a level 7. 
As a mom it just makes me a little sad to know that someone is missing from Boo's perfect picture. I know, and Boo knows, she is in good hands with her other coaches. Change is hard. 
Wendy, Thank you for everything you have done for Boo. 
You have always been there...
by her side, standing at the end of the beam, 
beside the bars, and in her brave little heart.

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