Sunday, May 18, 2014

little arizona

In the most hostile part of our property Boo has set up her own little garden. It is on the east side of the greenhouse where there isn't any shade. In the summer it is practically a death zone. Even the field grass tappers off there. The only thing voluntarily living there are a few yuccas and some weeds

What it does have going for it is privacy, the soft background noise of the fishpond, and an easy access from the backdoor of the greenhouse. And of course the biggest thing going for it is Boo.

We have named this place little arizona. 
She has big plans for little arizona. She has been slowing gathering up the rocks and animals bones that have traveled home with us from the desert to relocate them in her garden.

She liberated the giant tire from the vegetable garden, the nurse log from the flowerbed, and a half dozen special sticks/logs. She also has several varieties of cacti and succulents. Some I'm not sure where she got them. The latest additions are from one of our favorite vendors at the 9th West Farmers Market. There is even talk of BC building her a nice stone patio to tie it all together.

 Seems that little arizona is coming together rather nicely.

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  1. What a lovely garden, and very creative :-)